Meet the Team at Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC)

GLaWAC Board Members:

Member Directors- Troy McDonald, Russell Mullet, Doris Paton, Brian Stevens, Glenys Watts and Joanne Brunt.

Independent Directors- Graeme Dear and David Brennan

Administration Staff:

  • Roger Fenwick Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Daniel Miller – On Country General Manager
  • Grattan Mullett Cultural Hub Manager
  • Mardi Edwards Human Resources Manager
  • Ruth Fitzclarence Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  • Maureen Penwill Finance Officer
  • Fleur Hawke Employment Development Coordinator
  • Bianca Baxter and Michelle Mongta- Receptionists

On Country Team

  • Daniel Miller On Country General Manager
  • Grattan Mullett Cultural Hub Manager
  • Grattan Mullett Jnr JM Ranger Supervisor 
  • Patrick Mullett RAP Coordinator
  • Andy Booth NRM Project Coordinator

Joint Management Rangers

  • Bradley Hood
  • Grattan Mullett Jnr
  • Kobi Cook
  • Shay Terrick
  • Dylan Davies-Hood
  • Kobi Hood

Natural Resource Management Team

  • Nigel Pearce
  • Mick Farnham
  • Corey Jack
  • Bronson Ritchie
  • Jia Nelson
  • Geoff McHugh
  • Ashley Hood
  • Kealey Ratzmann


Assessment Technical Specialist

Joanna Freslov

Cultural Heritage Officers

  • Nicky Moffat
  • Paula Martin


Casual Site Monitors

  • Paul Harrison
  • Tim Paton
  • Max Solomon
  • Doug Harrison
  • Steven Hood
  • Michelle Mongta


Elders’ Council:

  • Aunty Gwen Atkinson Chair
  • Aunty Lena Morris Vice Chair
  • Aunty Deanna Campbell
  • Aunty Betty Solomon
  • Uncle Colin Thomas
  • Aunty Gwen McGregor
  • Aunty Rachel Mullett
  • Uncle Mitchell Booth
  • Aunty Margaret Donnelly
  • Aunty Shirley Foster
  • Aunty Glenis Solomon
  • Aunty Fay Voss
  • Aunty Maria Harrison