Gunaikurnai Identity Card and Membership

Under the Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA), Gunaikurnai do not have to obtain a permit or licence, or pay a fee to do any of the following on land and waters where we have native title:

  • Fish
  • Take game or fauna
  • Gather firewood
  • Camp (note fee exemptions do not apply to the Buchan Caves Tours)

Collection of Natural Resources

In relation to fishing, taking game or fauna or gathering firewood, Gunaikurnai will still have to comply with the relevant bag limits, size limits, location or seasonal restrictions, that would normally be part of a permit or licence.

The collection of natural resources, is allowed for personal use only. You are not allowed to collect natural resources or firewood to sell.

If Gunaikurnai want to collect other types of natural resources, you will need to reach agreement with the State first. To do this you need to write to the State (or ask Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) to write on your behalf) with information about what you would like to collect. If granted permission, the State may put restrictions on this resource collection, for example certain quantity at a certain place / places at a particular time of the year (similar to the bag limits and seasonal restrictions that apply to various types of fish under a fishing licence).


Gunaikurnai are also exempt from obtaining a permit or paying a fee for camping. This only applies to public camping grounds where we have native title, not privately owned or operated camping grounds or caravan parks.

If the public camping grounds is one which involves a booking system, due to being a popular spot, Gunaikurnai will still need to be part of that system. This means you must book the campsite, even though you do not pay camping fee.

You will also have to comply with camping rules and regulations, such as cleaning up and taking all your camping gear with you when you leave.

Non-Gunaikurnai Spouses and Partners

The Permit, licence and fee exemptions only apply to Gunaikurnai as they are the native title holders.

Therefore, non-Gunaikurnai spouses and partners are still required to have a permit or licence, and pay the relevant fees.

Note: Parks VIC (PV), Department Environment Land Waters Planning (DELWP) staff may ask for proof of identification, and they may also call Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) to confirm you are Gunaikurnai.

To apply for an identity card and to overcome any fraudulent activities among our community, the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) has set some stringent guidelines of which these cards will be issued.

These guidelines will also assist the agencies like DELWP and Parks VIC who will be enforcing incorrect activities with incorrect people.

How to Apply

Once you have an application form, there are several ways to apply for a Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) identity card.

Complete the necessary application form and mail to Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) at 27 Scriveners Road, Kalimna West VIC 3909 with all the relevant requirements as indicated on the form. This will allow us to process your card and mail by return post.

  1. Complete the necessary application and mail to Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) with all the relevant requirements as indicated on the form. This will allow us to process your card and mail by return post.
  2. Complete necessary application form with your signed photograph, call the office in Kalimna (03) 5152 5100 and make an appointment with Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) Receptionist for one of our designated week days.
  3. Complete necessary application form drop into the office in Kalimna West (03) 5152 5100 and have your photograph taken by Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) Receptionist and a card will be mailed to you if you already have a certified Confirmation of Aboriginality form.

The designated times for identity card processing will be Tuesday and Thursday 10-12pm or by appointment only. We will not process cards unless you have an appointment, as we are trying to limit any disruptions with our normal corporation activities.

To obtain this appointment form either drop into the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) office at Forestec or call the office on 03) 5152 5100 to have one mailed or emailed to you.

What You Require
  1. Completed Application Form.
  2. Provide approval of your Confirmation of Gunaikurnai Aboriginality from Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) and supply date of which this confirmation was stamped with the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) Common Seal or alternatively supply a copy of your stamped confirmation. If you do not have this confirmation you will be required to submit a Confirmation of Gunaikurnai Aboriginal€™ application and await Board approval for such.
  3. Supply two recent (no older than six months) signed* passport-size photographs. Guidelines of who can authorise and how these photographs should be supplied are listed next page.

Photographs can be taken at the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) office, however if unable to get to our office within designated time slots please follow the guidelines as outlined here to supply your own.

Photographs must not be more than six months old. Unacceptable photos may delay processing your application.

These guidelines will assist to provide suitable photographs, so your application will not be delayed and to prevent having to resubmit new photographs.

Photograph Guidelines

As with all photo identity cards there are guidelines on how the photos should be provided, these should assist.

  • Size to be 45-50mm high x 35-40mm wide
  • Good quality colour on high quality paper, with no marks or ink on the image
  • Plain, light coloured background (e.g. cream, pale blue or white)
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast and show your skin tones naturally
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows across or behind the face), sharp focus and clear
  • No hair across the eyes or face
  • Eyes open and looking directly into the camera
  • Show head and top of shoulders close up, so the face measures between 32mm and 36mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head (without hair)
  • Show shoulders and face square on and not tilted or looking from aside with all edges of the face visible
  • The photo is to be taken in neutral pose with your mouth closed (no frowning or laughing)
  • There are to be no head coverings i.e. hat/ sunglasses on head / hoodies etc.
Who Can Authorise

*There are a number of people in our community who can authorise your photograph with the statement this is a true photo of (insert name). This list shows a few of these community people and should assist with finding someone close without incurring any costs for the service. You may be required to make an appointment, so make some enquiries.

  • Police Officer
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Minister of Religion
  • Member of Parliament (State or Federal)
  • Registered Chiropractor
  • Registered Medical Practitioner
  • Pharmacist

For a more extensive list of the relevant people who can assist check out this website.