Be sure to have your say about Shoreline Drive

29 March 2021

Have you visited the Shoreline Drive precinct between Paradise Beach and Seaspray in the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park?

Did you know it’s one of the joint managed areas that GLaWAC and Parks Victoria share responsibility for? We’re currently completing a cultural mapping project across the Gippsland Lakes to identify archaeological sites, and help guide the development of the Shoreline Drive Precinct Plan.

In line with the Joint Management Plan, we’re working to protect important cultural and environmental values. We also want to make sure that community still enjoy their fishing and camping, and all the other activities you enjoy on Country.

We invite feedback from interested community members who want to share knowledge of the area so we’ve created a quick and easy survey for you to fill in. 

Here’s the link:   It only takes four minutes (we promise) and will help us to better understand how you use the area and what you’d like to see change in the future.