Aboriginal Business Development Network (Gippsland)

Economic development driven by our community is the key to self-determination, self-management and economic prosperity, owning our own businesses and determining our futures will lead to healing and healthy families and communities.

The Aboriginal Economic Development Strategy for Gippsland aspires to facilitate and progress the economic development aspirations of the Gippsland Aboriginal Community and to support established businesses to grow and flourish.

Whilst GLaWAC is the host organisation for this strategy, it has been developed with a full invitation for the whole of Community, its organisations and Aboriginal business to contribute during the consultation phase.

The Strategy is designed to assist and promote opportunities for the Aboriginal Community of all ages and throughout Gippsland to make a significant contribution to the economic development of the region, drawing on the vibrant cultural heritage and knowledge systems, encouraging the Community to establish connections, partnerships, and collaborate in developing shared enterprises.