Joint Management

The Gunaikurnai people’s strong and continuing connection with Country was legally recognised in October 2010. As part of the package of agreements in the Traditional Owner Recognition and Settlement Agreement, Gunaikurnai were granted Aboriginal Title over 10 national parks and reserves.

-Gunaikurnai Traditional Owner Land Management Board

Aboriginal Title is the grant of crown land to Traditional Owners for the sole purpose of joint management, and recognises Aboriginal peoples’ deep understanding of land, water and biodiversity.

Joint management of this land is a partnership between Gunaikurnai Traditional Owners and the State, allowing both to bring their knowledge and skills to the management of protected areas.

These environments including the forest, rivers, beaches, plants and animals are all part of Country and the cultural identity of the Gunaikurnai.

They are valued for the environment and as a vital part of contemporary Aboriginal culture. Protecting, managing and enjoying the land is an important part of this connection and responsibility.

Joint Managed Country

Country is vital to contemporary Aboriginal culture and an important part of the cultural identity of Gunaikurnai Traditional Owners.

Joint management is a new way of managing the land, and an exciting opportunity for us to have real influence over what happens on our Country.

As part of the model, Gunaikurnai and Parks Victoria Rangers are collectively responsible for the on-ground management of the 10 parks and reserves.

The partnership also brings the opportunity for knowledge sharing and development of employment, education and training. With the partnership comes decisions, resources, skills and equal opportunity in all relationships and business.

This is the basis of the partnership between the GunaiKurnai and the Victorian Government.

Shoreline Drive Landscape Plan


Following community consultation in early 2021, GLaWAC and Parks Victoria have developed a Draft Landscape Plan for the Shoreline Drive area between Paradise Beach and Seaspray in Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park.

The development of the Shoreline Drive Landscape Plan is a key strategy identified in the Gunaikurnai and Gippsland Lakes Victorian Government Joint Management Plan for this section of the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park.
The purpose of the Draft  Landscape Plan is to ensure that the Shoreline Drive area of the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park continues to be a place to access recreational opportunities, while significantly reducing the harmful impacts that visitors are having on Country and cultural heritage.

The proposed changes will be important to ensure Country is cared for and can be enjoyed for generations to come.
The Landscape Plan has  considered the following uses:
Day visitor and camping sites
Boating access
Beach Access
Future aspirations of the Gunaikurnai people

The Draft Shoreline Drive Landscape Plan Summary highlights the guiding principles for the Landscape Plan and the proposed changes. The changes are subject to available funding and will be staged to support implementation.

To have your say or access the entire draft plan, please contact Matt Holland – Parks Victoria Regional Project Coordinator (Gunaikurnai) on 8427 2503, or email:

We welcome any comments or suggestions by the 24th of June.

How Joint Management works on Gunaikurnai Country

The joint management is overseen by the Gunaikurnai Traditional Owner Land Management Board (GKTOLMB) comprised of a majority of our Traditional Owners, along with representatives of the broader community.

The long-term aspiration of the Gunaikurnai, as shared by the GKTOLMB, is to progress through joint management to full management of all Aboriginal Title land, generating a range of cultural and economic benefits for Traditional Owners and delivering important outcomes for the broader community.

It is recognised that there is a long way to go before this aspiration can be fully realised, with steps being taken now to build the capacity, experience and evidence base to work towards a full transfer of responsibility to Gunaikurnai in the future.

This joint management model is a new way of managing the land, and an exciting opportunity for us to have real influence over what happens on our Country.

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