Aboriginal Art Gallery

We have one of the oldest living cultures in the world and that culture has been passed on through many generations. It is embedded in our Country, our stories and songlines, and our art. It links us to our ancestors, who travelled across the Country practising the customs that make us who we are. It is vital to our identity.

The Aboriginal Art Gallery at Forestec houses a wide range of artworks from many talented Aboriginal artists living, working and practising culture across the region. Situated in Kalimna West, East Gippsland it is a warm and engaging space that offers visitors an opportunity to feel the connection that Traditional Owners have to Country and culture.

27 Scriveners Road, Kalimna West 3909

Admission to the Aboriginal Art Gallery at Forestec is free

Gallery Hours
Open daily, 9.30am – 3pm
(Closed weekends and public holidays)