Early Outcomes for your RSA Re-negotiation

16 December 2022

Exciting news from GLaWAC Chair Troy McDonald!!!

Throughout 2022, your RSA negotiating team has been meeting with the state to renegotiate the Gunaikurnai Recognition Settlement Agreement.

This is the opportunity to build on the Agreement put in place back in 2010 after many years of hard work by our Elders.

It’s not about starting out again, it’s about adding to what we have; making it better and getting improved outcomes as we build our own capacity and capability to manage.

The negotiating team – Aunty Lena Morris, Aunty Glenys Watts, Aunty Julie Mongta, Uncle Lloyd Hood, Grattan Mullett, Pat Mullett and Troy McDonald – have recently agreed on a package of early outcomes, including:

> Four new joint managed parks

>> Freehold title of two properties in East Gippsland

>>> Funding to support Joint Management and the Gunaikurnai TOLMB

As deadly as these outcomes are, we’re not finished yet.

Negotiations will continue in 2023 and GLaWAC will be looking to hold meetings with our members to make sure your voice is heard as we continue the path to self-determination