Hard fought road to self-determination

7 August 2021

The GunaiKurnai Native Title determination in 2010 was a historic moment. This determination, along with the Traditional Owner settlement agreements that we entered into on the same day, have provided us with a strong base of rights on our road to self-determination. GLaWAC is also the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) on behalf of the GunaiKurnai people. The Cultural, social and legislative responsibility that this brings cannot be underestimated, and GLaWAC calls upon the

First Peoples Assembly of Victoria (FPAV) to continue to support the protection of these rights and to continue to advocate for Traditional Owners – consistent with the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

These self-determining rights have been hard fought for and demonstrate the application of our Elders’ philosophies through action, effort, and hard work over many years.

GLaWAC continues to support all Traditional Owners to fulfil their inherent rights in gaining appropriate status under the rules of the Native Title Act, the Traditional Owners Settlement Act and the RAP process and will not support any action to redefine these rights.

These rights continue to deliver positive results to many GunaiKurnai people and are consistent with all Articles cited within UNDRIP. However, diluting the current recognition processes will have an irreversible impact on our journey to self-determination, and as such, we seek to have these processes protected for all.

We stand, proud and strong, connected to our Country, protecting, and practising Culture