Corringle Foreshore Reserve

Krauatungalung Country

Welcome to Corringle Foreshore Reserve

This place was an important meeting place for our Old People, who used to go camping and fishing here. It was a plentiful food source for the mob and a place of connection — joining the ocean to the rivers, connecting along the coastline to Lake Tyers.

It was also a place where Aboriginal people came to when they were displaced from the Lake Tyers Mission, and a place where people who lived away from Country would come to reconnect to their traditional land, as it was considered a safe place.

Today many Gunaikurnai continue to use the reserve for the same reasons, enjoying camping, fishing and gathering natural resources. The Gunaikurnai cultural values of the reserve have not been systematically surveyed and mapped, but key values are known to include large middens.

Corringle Foreshore Reserve is one of the ten jointly managed parks and reserves within Gippsland. 
The Joint Management Agreement recognises the fact that the Gunaikurnai people hold Native Title and maintain a strong connection to Country. As custodians of the land, they are the rightful people who speak for their Country. 
These parks and reserves are cultural landscapes that continue to be part of Gunaikurnai living culture.