Returning culture to Country

6 November 2023

The GLaWAC landscaping team are playing a pivotal role in sharing the cultural stories of our people, creating two new cultural gardens and a deadly new sculptural seat near the Lakes Entrance footbridge.

As part of the East Gippsland Shire’s new Krauatungalung Walk, the project shows off the expertise of the On Country team, and their commitment to foster understanding and cultural exchange.

We’re trying to tell our Dreamtime story of Borun and Tuk through a Kodak moment where everyone can sit and learn,” explains Alfie Hudson. Alfie emphasizes the importance of sharing these stories, not only for the Gunaikurnai people but for everyone.

It’s important just so we can pass that knowledge on to everyone, not just Gunaikurnai people, to non Indigenous, whoever wants. It’s important that everyone shares that so everyone can understand our culture better” he added.

The walk features Indigenous gardens and a stunning sculpture developed in consultation with local Elders from Lakes Entrance and GLaWAC staff, and created by Little Milligan in Briagalong.

Artist Deb Milligan worked for months to perfect Borun and Tuk in clay before the final pieces were cast in bronze. Deb expressed her deep respect and honor in being asked to contribute to this significant project.

It’s such a significant thing, and it’s really humbling to have been asked to do this because it’s a huge responsibility”.

The sculpture’s design also features Borun’s wings made of durable corten steel crafted by Col Little from Little Milligan. The timber for the accompanying canoe shaped seat was reclaimed from Sarsfield after the bushfires.

The Indigenous gardens on both sides of the footbridge contribute to the cultural experience. On the Esplanade side, shields and timber poles represent the five Gunaikurnai clans.

On the beach side, the sculpture is surrounded by a garden adorned with pig face and other Indigenous plants, designed in an aerial view pattern that represents the lakes, islands, and lake systems that brings tourists the area each year.

The project showcases the capabilities of our Business Enterprise team. With experience in landscaping, the crew has recently ventured into civil works, bringing both landscape and sculpture to the Krauatungalung Walk.

As GLaWAC continues to grow in the construction space, our expanding portfolio will showcase our ability to construct and build, as well as the teams’ dedication to sharing the cultural stories of our mob. The Krauatungalung Walk is a testament to their expertise and commitment to fostering understanding and cultural exchange.

With its prime location, the Krauatungalung Walk is expected to draw many tourists and locals, providing an excellent platform for sharing Gunaikurnai culture and history. Through this project, the legacy of our mob will be front and centre fostering – conversations, education, and understanding between communities.