Standing together makes us stronger

1 February 2023

Today, we are happy to announce that the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation have reinstated their membership and commitment to a shared voice.

“GLaWAC is committed to activating the voice of the Gunaikurnai as we build on the aspirations of the Ancestors who came before. We are excited to join voices with Traditional Owners across the state as we each maintain our self-determining pathway to a better future for community, culture and Country.

Daniel Miller, CEO, Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation

Victoria’s Traditional Owner Corporations share many similar projects and aspirations whilst experiencing the same systemic barriers. Membership of the Federation is an essential way to raise our voices over shared concerns and celebrate our communities and achievements.

As all Corporations are different, it is appropriate that membership is flexible to accommodate the changing needs and expectations of those Corporations.

“The Federation is strengthened by its members – through their contribution, shared vision and values. We are pleased to welcome back the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation and to walk with them on the road to Traditional Owner Corporation economic development and community wellbeing.”

Paul Paton, CEO, Federation of Victoria Traditional Owner Corporations

The work the Federation does to progress the ambitions of Traditional Owners across Victoria, through engagement and advocacy, provides a state-wide perspective. The Federation’s member corporations direct this work, including the policy positions and statutory changes required to move forward real self-determination for Traditional Owners.

Our members share their collective visions for self-determination of Country and Culture, and the Federation undertakes the work to find government pathways to realise these visions. Without members setting this direction and strengthening the Federation’s collective voice, the work would fall to individual corporations or not be undertaken at all.

As a Victoria-wide collective, the Federation also raises the voices of its member corporations on national and international stages. This provides members with a means of discussing their concerns in broader considerations of First Nations rights and ambitions without having to support their own policy and legal staff. Capacity support and resource sharing is a central provision of the Federation to its members in the areas of policy and regulatory change.