VicForests releases its amended Timber Release Plan

30 April 2019

VicForests, the State-owned business responsible for the harvest, commercial sale and re-growing of timber across Victoria, has released its current Timber Release Plan (TRP). The TRP details the location of areas that may be sustainably harvested and regenerated. For full details on the plan and to view an interactive online map visit the Timber Release Plan page on the VicForests website.

The release of the TRP followed the Victorian Government’s announcement on 24 April that 550 hectares of crown land close to Maryvale and Yallourn North in the Latrobe Valley will be planted with native Blue Gum. VicForests will lead the early stages of a new plantation program to establish and manage multiple sites in Gippsland from this winter. An updated Allocation Order was also announced and reduces the overall area available for timber harvesting by 5,000 hectares.

GLaWAC has been invited to participate in the Regional Forest Agreement planning process and will be seeking community involvement to help our Board negotiate strong outcomes for us through Natural Resource agreements and Land Management Plans. Our starting point for these discussions is the principles outlined in our Whole-of-Country Plan.

Everything is connected

All of our Country is linked. There is no separation between our landscapes, waterways, coasts and oceans, and natural and cultural resources. All are linked and bound to our people, law and custom. (Whole-of-Country Plan page 17)