Water for life, and now for the Knob Reserve

17 July 2023

“As Traditional Owners, we have a responsibility to care for Country and protect our cultural values and heritage.” That’s what Cath Thomas, Chair of the Knob Reserve Committee of Management reckons, and we couldn’t agree more!

Cath was down at the Knob Reserve with Gippsland Water CEO Sarah Cumming recently to announce the installation of drinking fountains on the site.

The Knob Reserve has always been a significant place for us. Providing drinking fountains will reduce people’s reliance on bringing bottle water to the reserve and highlights the importance of water for healthy Country and healthy mob.

And did we mention that the water fountains will feature artworks by Robbie Farnham? Just wait ’til you see it!

Wondering how it’s all going to work? A new water main within the reserve will be connected to the drinking water network and is expected to be complete before the end of the year.

The project is jointly funded by GLaWAC, Gippsland Water and the Victorian Government’s Integrated Water Management Program.